From Women to Humanity

In honor of the Winter Solstice 2020


These Oracle Cards have been created by a collective of Women, from the Sacred Circle of the Color of the Soul Ritual, in honor of the Winter Solstice and the powerful threshold that humanity is going through in these potent changing times.


In a time of profound evolution of collective consciousness, where we are all called to rise up and birth a New World through our hearts alchemy, these cards come from a place of deep receptivity to nurture the community, as an Art of Awareness that operates collectively to proclaim the Rising of Love and Compassion.


Each card opens a new pathway of presence, becomes a doorway into being, a compass to find our path once again and reawaken to our commitment towards life itself.

Every message is unique and is intended to bless our journeys of awakening, remembrance, love, cooperation, and to ignite the memory of our Souls to participate in the creation of a better world and to return to our common humanity as a source of compassion, peace and sacred activism.


A blessing has the quality of an invocation that is able to connect the human and the divine and the I with the whole. And, as a matter of fact, each card also contains a prayer which becomes the bridge and the fuel for our hearts to reawaken … to Us.


Each card can become a portal to a way of being in the world that honors every man and woman as a unique manifestation of the Divine and yet, part of the same family and birthed from the same Mother.


Each woman, through her painting has received an important message for us all, for humanity, and this is because each woman has a different sacred medicine to offer and, as well, a unique intimacy with the Source of Life. Some messages are an encouragement, some a reminder, some will shake us and others crack our hearts open. 

As an artist of life, healer and visionary, each woman has offered the power of her visions, the experience of her passage, from the personal to the collective.


With every card you will find a description of it, a short mantra as a reminder of its essence, a prayer that support you in creating that bridge between the human and the spiritual, a practice that can activate its energy and also a song that will re-awaken each of your cells to the profound message that the card blesses you with.


You will notice that the messages are all filled with deep Love, Mystery and Divine Feminine essence, as a mantle into which we are invited to surrender. This is because they all originate from a desire to see us humans coming together in love and uniting hands and hearts to birth a better world. 


As we enter the age of Aquarius, we are asked to let go of the old paradigm of separation and return to unity and balance, to remember our shared humanity and embody our divinity, to act from the love we have for ourselves, for all humans, for all living beings and for Gaia, our beloved planet.

This is not a time for divisions but a time to unite and manifest a New World.  


May we be blessed in our journey of coming back to Love

May we become truly and fully humans

May we embrace and transform our suffering to open more our heart to Life

May we bring back in us the respect for ourselves and for all

May we enter this dark night of our collective soul with trust and courage

May we experience these potent times as a mysterious dawn

May we surrender to the Life Force inside the birth canal

May we awaken to the gift of our evolution as spiritual beings having a human experience

May we connect truly in our humanness and come together to co-create in harmony

May we raise our frequency to see the world through the lens of compassion and heart

May we celebrate whats connects us and let flower our consciousness

May we remember the divine spark that we carry within us

May we savor the perfume of universal love in our humanity

May we bring the heaven on earth in each instant of our life

May these blessings ignite our inner fire, that is called not only to dream of a better world, but to act towards its manifestation


May you be blessed

May we be blessed

May All be blessed


With Love and Trust


  • Fantasy Celtic Music – Spirit of the Wild

  • Ascent – Jonathan Still

  • Hallelujah- Elisa

  • Om Ganesha

  • Rokia Traore – Laidu

  • Brian Crain – Song for Sienna (Overhead Camera)

  • Aquarius (Let the Sunshine in)

  • The Jasmani Garden- Deya Dova

  • Massive Attack – Teardrop

  • Servant of Peace by Snatam Kaur

  • Lindsay Stirling – Roundtable

  • Antonio Vivaldi- Le quattro stagioni per violino.

  • Gratitude di Emiliano Toso


  • Andrea Boccelli- Return to Love

  • Vuela con el Viento

  • Hans Zimmer – Time (Inception – Live in Prague)

  • Olena UUTAi. The Call of Shaman

  • Xavier Rudd-Lioness Eye

  • Sara Bareilles- The Light

  • Divine Mother ~ Sacred Earth

  • La Danza della Vita- Emiliano Toso

  • Ludovico Einaudi- Experience

  • Lode all’Inviolato di Franco Battiato

  • Comptine d’un autre été- Die fabelhafte Welt der Amélie Piano

  • Being of Love by beautiful Chorus 



  • Ave Maria

  • Love seeds- Emiliano Toso

  • Song of the Sea

  • Blessing To The World- Karen Drucker

How to use these oracle cards

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath.
Enter your silence.
Make room for resonance.
Be available to receive an illumination, an orientation for you and for your life journey.
Pick up your card.
The colors. The symbols. The shapes. The full and the empty. The words. The visceral energy of painting.
Read the mantra aloud, make it resonate in you.
In your throat, in your heart, in your womb, in the third eye.
Find a quiet moment to contemplate the description.
Savor the words, listen to the silence beyond words.
Devote a sacred time to practice.
Do it several times, until you feel it is yours.

In reality, energy patterns, archetypes, primordial energies emerge from the card.
If you meditate on the symbolism of the card, something will light up in you.
The embodiment practice allows you to receive its energy as a new inner resource and becomes a compass for you.
Offer a thought of gratitude to the mother and messenger of the card that enlightens you today.
Send blessings to her, as she sends them to you through this image.

At another time, come back here to pick up another card.
Maybe this time let yourself be guided by a question.
Connect with the soul of the artist who created this card.
Feel the power of resonance.
We are interconnected. Specular. Resonant.
Mirror yourself in this card and contemplate.

Come back here every day if you want.
And if you appreciate this experience, leave us a small comment below the post.
Because your experience is a gift for our sacred circle,
of which you are now a part.
Show yourself, thank you.

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