Welcome here beloved friends!

I am Marianne and I am honored to invite you to be part of a collective creative prayer journey for India.

You are invited to contribute with our prayers, art and blessings to the healing of our beloved Ma India,

that has given so much to everyone of us.


CREATIVE PRAYER, as a concept and sacred container, is born 6 months ago from a vision, to riunite the special powers of Creativity, Prayer and Sacred Activism into one unique space and as an invitation to live our life as a prayer and as an offering and to explore the beneficial and tangible impact of collective prayer on the field. I have devoted my life to explore the power of creative expression as a vehicle of healing and evolution and as a way to raise our consciousness and to manifest our sacred intentions as co-creators on earth. As an Intuitive Artist, Creative Channel, Art Counselor, Creative Coach and Sacred Activist, I felt called to give birth to Creative Prayer to unlock and reveal the expansive power of the field of prayer as unified consciousness in action and to rediscover new levels of aliveness, devotion and creative freedom in the act of prayer, as an act of creation and self-realization. Concretely, that means that we can approach prayer as artists and become living prayers on earth with a massive positive impact around us through this technology.

The original project was planned to be launched after summer 2021, as an online retreat and as a set of intimate practices and  devotional creative experiences… but Life knocked on my door and some days ago I clearly received the call to open the shrine before the time, as a free open space with heartfelt resources for the community to be of support for India and to share the power of collective prayer in a creative and free form for the evolutive purpose of gathering in unity. 


As you know, these are extremely difficult times for India and our brothers and sisters there due to the Covid-19. I am strongly connected to Ma Ganga and some nights ago I have received a calling through a special dream. In this dream, I was asked to come in touch with the power of a wind, the Mistral, from the North. “Mistral” comes from “Maestral” (Master, in Provence language): blowing the wind from the North. I woke up feeling 2 main things could help to support India in this moment:  on one hand, it was vital to sustain the vitality of Prana of the field there (blowing the breath as a wind) and on the other hand, it was essential to focus the intentional influence of our prayers towards the source of Ganga River in the North of India, that Ma Ganga would have carry them in her flow across all the country, bringing our blessings where they are most needed. We were called to co-shape a real alliance between spirit, nature and communities, a web of relationship. 

That were the instructions I’ve received and from this, all the rest has unfolded, thanks to power of an international community of compassionate hearts, as a collective calling to access the sacred hearts of our inner sacred light warriors to be of service to the world in these moments of global change. 

This is an initiative born from Love and directed towards Love


I am happy to offer you a guided meditation – AN ACTIVATION OF THE HEART AND OF THE FIELD-  that will help you connect with the energy of the collective field of prayer, weave your prayer into the web of relations and direct intentionally your blessings towards Ma India. This activation serves as a gateway to the Field to focus and radiate the strength of your prayers.

My beloved sister Pennie Nicols, Sattva YogaTeacher and founder of Enlightened Living Holistic Community, will offer you a BREATHING YOGIC PRACTICE to empower these instructions, increase health and to support the field of Prana energy of India. It will be a time for meditation and compassion.

You are invited to be part of a COMMUNITY FACEBOOK GROUP to build, co-create, expand the field of collective prayer and compassion and to share your Creative Prayer Art and all that you will feel inspired connected to the journey of Love in Action. 

Please access these FREE RESOURCES  to begin your experience with Creative Prayer for India 

  • AN INTRODUCTORY GUIDED-MEDITATION / ACTIVATION OF THE FIELD from Marianne ( english, italian, french) HERE
  • A BREATHING YOGIC PRACTICE from Pennie ( english) HERE

Next week NEW BEAUTIFUL GIFTS FOR YOU… stay tuned !

If you feel inspired to contribute with a special offering, contact us by email:


You are welcome to contribute in the way you prefer:

You can share on the FACEBOOK GROUP a prayer, a painting, a song, a mantra, a music, a poem, a message, a thought … by doing so, you are intentionally growing the field of collective prayer as conscious co-creators and light warriors. 

You can invite your COMMUNITY ON THE SOCIAL to be part of the project sharing the initiative #creativeprayerforindia.

You can donate your love through a financial support that will allow to SAVE LIVES by providing EMERGENCY MEDICAL SUPPLIES ( OXYGEN) to the local communities around Rishikesh in the North of India.

This is our goal and TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT!  

Feel inspired to share your love and compassion 


Remember that money is energy and that you can support India by donate to those in need HERE. We are collecting money to provide emergency oxygen supplies and food for North of India that is dealing with tragic COVID-19 issues in these times.

Our beloved community in India is facing a great challenge and needs our support.  We are being called now to come together to support our brothers and sisters in this time of great need.

The funds we raise here will go through Sattva Yoga USA* to provide resources to the local community of Rishikesh in the form of medical supplies and care, food, clothing, etc. Sattva Yoga USA will work in collaboration with the Khushi Charitable Society  to ensure these resources will support those with the greatest need.

Our first initiative is to purchase and ship several oxygen concentrators directly to Laxman Jhoola. This is an urgent need. Once there, they will be managed and distributed to the community as needed by Master Rishi Anand Mehrotra.

You can give 10$, 100$, 1000 $ or more, be sure that it will make a real difference in the life of people and could save lives !



You can share the DONATION link and this pic to share on social media:

Thank you for your precious help!

Give what you can, it will make a difference in the lives of the local families!

Thank you for your compassion and loving support,

With Love, Trust and Unity,


Pic for Creative Prayer from Matheus Bertoni in Rome.


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