▲ An Art of Transformation and Evolution▲

Discover the Transformative Power of Creativity and the Creative Power of Transformation 

The Color of the Soul Ritual is an integrated methodology created in 2008 by Marianne Cordier that combines Art, Psyche, Alchemy and Spirituality in an evolutive and expressive practice that can sustain people in group or in 1:1 session in the birth of their inner transformation and in the awakening of their gifts.

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Intuitive Painting – when connected to Guided Meditation and Embodiment – can magically awaken the Ritualistic dimension of the human psyche and deeply nurture the Creativity of our Being. This methodology is for integration and addresses at the same time our Creative, Emotional and Spiritual Selves as it reconciles Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. 

▲ Tools for the awakening of our creative power

Through the integrated use of different tools such as Intuitive Painting, Meditation and Guided Imagination, Dance, Colors, Archetypes and Symbols in an evolutionary perspective, we can access a deeply Transformative Ritual through which we can reconnect to our Intuition and to our Inner Wisdom to come back  “home” within ourselves.

The creative process at the core of The Color of the Soul Ritual is a powerful metaphor of Life – Life as an artwork, canvas as Life – a laboratory of alchemical healing that is able to dissolve blockages and conditionings to help us return to the natural Creative Essence of Life through the freedom of expression. 

Actually it an Initiation Ritual that guides us to rediscover our Soul power and reveals our unique path in service to the world.

The aim of the method is to support us to create an intimate relationship with our Soul and all parts of us through our creative energy so that we may discover the Conscious Co-Creator within us and the limitless freedom of being oneself and of consciously participating in Creation itself. 

Both in the 1:1 sessions and in group workshops, The Color of the Soul Ritual support you to help you reveal your creative essence, that is essential if you want to offer your gifts to the world.

▲ A practice to mirror your inner world and shift beyond your limits

You access the practice of Intuitive Painting to know yourself, to meet unexplored landscapes within yourself and to evolve consciously by awakening your Inner Alchemist. 

If you desire to explore new levels of consciousness and aliveness through creativity and Art, that is the practice for you. All levels are welcome.

Through The Color of The Soul Ritual, you embrace the oracular energy within yourself by channeling your most personal archetypes and the messages of your soul and higher self

Make your Life a living artwork, an expression of your authenticity, make your consciousness an intuitive painting in movement, in constant becoming. In every moment you can recreate yourself, starting from your core “

Marianne Cordier

▲ The benefits of the methodology

The awakening of your authentic expression and the practice of a spontaneous creativity help you to free the unconscious material within you and access the hidden temple of your deep wisdom.

We use painting as an intuitive medium and as a path of the heart to deepen our quest for liberation, to go beyond fears and monkey mind and to give a tangible form to the expression of our Soul’s Project. Your painting is a portal of communication with yourself and a space of alchemy to transmute what doesn’t serve you anymore.

▲ All levels welcome

You don’t need to have any experience with painting: what is important is the creative process not the result. But if you have already a creative and artistic practice, you will be surprised by the opening of new channels of communication within yourself. It is the ideal space to discover your creative essence without expectations or anxiety performance.

In fact, creating is the most sacred and natural act. It is our divine heritage.

▲ Sacred reminder

You are here

To honor yourself

To align with your Essence

To Express the Freedom of your uniqueness

To explore your Values and Shapes

To Live your Truth and shine your light 

The world needs You to be Yourself

Dont imitate anyone

Let your most authentic nature emerge

Feel guided by your Soul

Feel guided by the instinctual wisdom of your body

Your hands know how to move and dance on the canvas

Reclaim your creative power 

Live fully the gifts of your creative essence

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The Color of The Soul Ritual allows you to:

  • Discover new parts of yourself
  • Respect the authenticity of your emotions
  • Awaken and refine your Creativity
  • Free yourself from fears and old beliefs
  • Remove mental and emotional resistances that block our evolution
  • Learn to let go of judgment, comparison and need for approval
  • Gain more confidence in your inner resources
  • Express yourself freely
  • Reclaim your expressive power
  • Look at yourself in the mirror of your painting and deepen your inner knowing
  • Discover your Uniqueness and how to make it an ally, a guide and a superpower
  • Unlock the power of your Intuition
  • Go beyond inner fragmentation and remember your inner unity
  • Transform every trial in an opportunity of learning and inner awakening
  • Reclaim your spontaneity and let your inner child play
  • Expand your spiritual path through the loving experience of matter
  • Awaken your vital and sexual energy
  • Immerse yourself in the sensuality of the creative process
  • Unite the qualities of the heart and mind and harmonize your hemispheres
  • Open your heart
  • Create an intimate connection with your Soul
  • Birth your Inner Transformation to Transform the World
  • Facilitate your rebirths by building for yourself magic rites of passage
  • Discover the Conscious Co-creator in your life
  • Unleash the magic of the alchemist within
  • Explore Consciousness through the sacredness of Colors and Symbols
  • Live Life as a Sacred and Creative Adventure
  • Let your Soul become your compass and your guide


Welcome in our Membership of The Color of The Soul where you will be guided to access the magic of this ritual with other vibrant women from all the world.


Please write an email to:

Marianne Cordier, founder of the Methodology

Leader in Transformative Arts and Creatrix of Transformational Evolutive Creative Rituals for women, families and community since 2008. I am an Intuitive Artist born and raised in France, I have lived in Rome since 2003.

Midwife of Transformation, Visionary, Intutitive Painter, Professional Counselor, Art Counselor, Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive Channel, Creative Oracle, Soul Art Therapist, EarthPainter, Creative Coach and Sacred Activist. Passionate about the possibility of exploring and revealing the Creative Essence of Life in the service of Unity and Wholeness through the Alchemy of Creation, the Transmutation of limitating programs, the Creative Leadership, the Reconciliation and the Sacred Union of the Feminine and Masculine and the harmonization of the brain hemispheres within us. She is called to create, facilitate and guide sacred spaces for allowing authentic self-expression and awakening soul power. There is no greater joy for her than to ignite the flame of trust in people and lead them to remember, discover and offer their own Sacred Medicine. as Conscious Co-Creators of their most purposeful life.

She offers the world an Art of Transformation, a new alchemical approach to healing and evolution through Rituals, Art, Creativity and Spirituality. I am a professional Counselor with an integrated humanistic approach, graduated in Expressive Counseling and Art Therapy at the ASPIC in Rome, also graduated in Modern Literature at the Sorbonne and in Museology at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris.

She conceived the method The Color of the Soul Ritual in 2008 and published in Italy in 2014 her book “The Color of the Soul: Intuitive Painting for a journey of inner evolution” (Età dell’Acquario publishing house). She has launched in 2020 the Online Professional Training and Mystery School of The Color of the Soul Ritual where she is training women to certificate as “The Color of The Soul Ritual Facillitators and Masters”.

From a vision received in 2010 through a deep motherhood initiation, she has also developed and transmitted the shamanical art practice of EarthPainting since 2017, a form of Eco-Art to reconnect with the wisdom of the Earth that will become a course online in June 2021.

She offers 1:1 and groups sessions online and in her art studio in Rome.

Connect here:

Fb: @ Marianne Cordier – Pittura Intuitiva-Il Colore dell’anima


IG: @mariannealexandrine / @colour_of_the_soul_ritual

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